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Quebec City, Quebec, with the famous Chateau Frontenac hotel in the background

Third among Canadian and American tourism destinations in 2004, as ranked by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Sixth most popular travel destination in the world, as ranked by the National Geographic Traveler in 2004. An enchanting location on the shores of the St. Lawrence river. A rich, colourful history, still preserved in beautiful historic districts and architecture. And above all, a deep appreciation for the finer things in life; Good food, good friends, and good fun. What more reason do you need to visit Quebec City? Over 90% of the city's population is French-speaking, it is the very cradle of French civilization in North America, and is over 400 years old. Whether you're looking to experience some unparalleled romance with your significant other, explore some vivid culture and history, or just the beautiful outdoors, you're sure to find something in Quebec City.

Quebec City is the only Canadian city to have preserved so much of its initial construction and defensive structures. Many of the city's original bastions, gates, and ramparts still surround much of Old Quebec, the city's primary historic region, regally completed by the Citadelle, which is still used by the Royal 22nd Regiment and the Governor General of Canada. The Plains of Abraham, also known as Battlefields Park, is another preserved monument, marking the location of the fateful 1759 clash between French and British forces. A short distance from St. John's Gate, one of the four gates which provide a means of passage through the city's ramparts, is Artillery Park, featuring three restored historic buildings and over 250 years of French, British and Canadian military history. Add all of this to the variety of museums which are scattered throughout the city, and you have a historical experience unlike anything you've seen before.

The Citadelle, home to the Governor General of Canada, and located in Quebec City, Quebec

If history isn't really your strongest interest, you're still not without great encounters in Quebec City. Quebec is home to an extensive variety of festivals, sporting events, shows and fairs, suited for all kinds of different tastes. From the Quebec City Summer Festival, an 11-day long event in which hundreds of performers show their stuff at almost a dozen venues in and around Old Quebec, to the Red Bull Crashed Ice event, an extreme hockey game on a 550-m obstacle-filled ice track, there's something for everyone in Quebec City, no matter which zip code you're in! If you're still not sure that Quebec City is the right place for your next vacation, or even your new home or job, continue reading the articles on this site. We'll try to give you an idea of just what Quebec City has to offer, and how to make the most of your time here.

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